Monitoring in the exercise room

We provide constant and attentive monitoring in the exercise room so that you can have the best possible experience throughout your training.

  • Help in interpreting the training plan
  • Exemplification of the correct execution of the exercises
  • Postural correction
  • Alternative exercise suggestion 
  • Motivate, challenge and encourage you to constantly progress your training level.

Physical Assessment

The Physical Assessment is the moment when we assess the state of your physical condition and the starting point for defining your individualized training plan according to your goals. 

  • Body composition assessment (BMI, %Lean Mass, Fat Mass, Physical Level, Metabolic Age, etc.)
  • Collection of Cardiovascular Elements
  • Body perimeters
  • Risk Stratification
  • Definition of goals and objectives


We have a complete Nutrition service using an individualized approach with the plan and different food strategies that meet your daily routines. 

 You will never have to go on a “diet” if you know how to eat properly 

  • Food advice
  • Individualized meal plan
  • Regular follow-up appointments


Personal Training

The personalized training sessions or PT, are trainings accompanied by a Personal Trainer, which, in addition to all the individual technical support during the session, raise the student's potential through motivation and optimization of effort and time during training. It is undoubtedly the fastest and safest way to achieve the desired goals.

  • Weight loss, muscle mass gain
  • Improvement of general physical condition
  • Melhoria da mobilidade e flexibilidade
  • Improved technical execution (Yoga, Pilates, Weight training)
  • Training adapted to the sport

Group Classes

We have 4 studios for group classes and a diversified offer for all tastes and levels of physical activity. 

There are many possibilities to choose between the categories of Body and Mind, Power, Cycle and Box Zone

  • Classes LesMills
  • +350 monthly classes
  • +20 different modalities


HL Sports Physio

We have a team of Physiotherapists who work on the prevention and treatment of injuries, postural correction and pain reduction.

  • Physiotherapy Sessions
  • Osteopathy Sessions
  • Postural correction
  • Sports massage
  • Massagen Terapêutica
  • Pressoterapia ( Drenagem Linfática Mecânica)
  • Massagem de DLM (Drenagem Linfática manual) – Método Renata França
  • Injury recovery and pain management


Store of food products, selected by our department of dietetics and nutrition. You can find a wide range of food supplements, vitamins, snacks and much more. 

You can also find a collection of personalized products with the HL brand, such as coats, hoodies, toalhas, garrafas, etc.

  • Food suplements
  • Vitamins
  • Snacks
  • HL customized products

Corporate Wellness Service

Ensure your teams access to our programs corporate and have employees with better performance, more energy, more productivity and a healthier work environment.

  • Physical Assessments
  • Group classes
  • Nutritional advice
  • Teambuilding