HL Health Club

Allow us to take care of you. Your health thanks you

Being a better version is at your fingertips.
We handle the process.

A space of choice, an extraordinary team, an excellent service. Personalized and inclusive support in a large and pleasant space in the heart of the city.

Our space stands out for its modern facilities and the quality of services provided by a team of licensed professionals, who will accompany you and help you achieve your goals, according to your needs, by carrying out physical assessments and preparing periodic training/food plans.

Come and discover what we have in store for you!


monthly classes


Group classes

Feel the team spirit through overcoming experiences together, we have 4 studios for classes tailored to you!

Box Zone

Open Studio. Functional training zone and group classes to challenge you to reach the next level!


A studio with 120m² of pure energy! You won't want to miss your favorite classes here.


Embark on a journey full of challenges. Ascents, descents and sprints will be part of the experience.

Mind & Body

A unique and welcoming environment, suitable for connecting mind and body.

A special offer, designed for you.

In the club HL We have a wide variety of services, focused on promoting health and well-being through physical activity and healthy eating habits. Everything you need in one space.


Learn to improve your diet without sacrifices. A service adapted to your routines.


HL Sports Physio

Specialists in physical recovery and rehabilitation will shorten the distance from the gurney to the training room!

Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer

Optimize your training, create a commitment and get on the fast track to your results with the help of a professional!

The Team

In love. Dedicated. Available. Fun. Professionals.

Paulo Ribeiro

Founder & CEO

Renato Rebelo

Technical Director

Professor/Personal Trainer


Diretora HL Nutristore / Receção

Pedro Maurício


Projects for a more active community.

The duty to promote health and well-being in a holistic way also involves promoting sport in the community. We support and create initiatives that promote the practice of sports and contribute to the training of local athletes in various sports.


Team HL Runners Club

Created and driven by the club, it focuses on the promotion, participation and organization of competitions in the Trail Running.


School HL Taekwondo

School certified by the Portugal Taekwondo Federation and by the Kukkiwon – World Taekwondo Headquarters